Fashion Finds: Earth Day

I set out to gather some stylish eco-friendly fashion finds for you this week, and when I came across Pretty Birdie, I fell in love with absolutely everything in the shop and realized that's she's a star all her own and deserves the eco spotlight.

Pretty Birdie is the stunning clothing line of designer Stephanie Teague. I think her designs are unique, modern, fashion forward, and flatter a woman beautifully. She uses a mix of organic, sustainable, and vintage fabrics, so you can wear her clothing with a free conscience. And perhaps the best part... she makes your order by hand, to your specific measurements, so her designs always fit you perfectly! Could you ask for more?

How about a sale? In honour of Earth month, for the rest of April, she is offering 10% off all orders of 2 pieces or more! Check out her shop. What two pieces would you like? I'm having a pretty tough time deciding myself.

Happy Earth Day everyone!


Carla said...

I love the outfit in the third picture, top row! "I would do it (wear it) in a New York minute."

Erin said...

I love that one! I can see you in the mustard mini dress too, Carla.

Caroline said...

I heart the grey sweater in the last picture in th elast row. Anything with leggings works for me these days!

And, I love the long pencil skirt in the first picture in the first row. Reminds me of the long grey one I have.