I heart stationary

I have had a serious love affair with stationary for as long as I can remember. In my bedroom as a little girl I had at least two drawers dedicated to all the paper, note pads, journals and writing instruments I had accumulated. I also had quite an extensive sticker collection (but that's probably common for any girl under the age of 13).

Anyone that has received a gift from me before knows that I love wrapping a gift almost more than shopping for it and have been known to spend more time at it as well. I can spend hours searching for the perfect greeting card and I save the ones given to me for years (much to the annoyance of the man who shares my storage space).

So, naturally, while many online sellers curse the shipping stage of an order, I adore it! By the time I'm finished wrapping, tying, addressing and stamping, I practically skip to the post office in glee. If I could whistle, I would. In the middle of packing up an order yesterday, I thought you might like to see what a package from Edna typically looks like. What do you think?

Enough about me. Here are some of my favourite stationary shops at the moment.

I stumbled across nothing elegant just last week and immediately fell in love. It's chock full of adorable stationary (I'm talking over 900 items!). I'm seriously lusting after the vintage stamp collections. All of them!

The Mayberry Sparrow a.k.a Corrabelle is another fabulous Etsy seller from my hometown that I found while searching for my new obsession... stamps. I think her designs are just so simple and cute. It was quite difficult for me to choose just three here.

Last but far from least is cutiepie company. The golden girl notebook was one of my first purchases on Etsy last year and when I discovered her school library cards in White Elephant Vintage recently, I sent her a quick note letting her know that I bought one, and a wee online friendship was born. She's been an incredibly helpful resource to me in setting up my own shop. Thanks cutie!


Carla said...

i also love stationery! i had so much when i was younger (and still have quite a lot), because my mom always made me write thank-you notes, and because, of course, i just loved to scribble (doodling, not so much...i am not the best pictionary player!). your packaging looks very cute, and if you're interested in stamps, you should drop jillbert a line - they are also her obsession!

Caroline said...

You girls and your cards...

This probably comes as a surprise to you, but I also had a penchant for paper when I was younger. I used to collect it but then I could never bring myself to use it, especially when it got down to the last couple of sheets.

What happened to those days?? I gotta get better at doing this whole cards/correspondence thing.

Michelle said...

I used to have lots of stationary before and I was very much addicted . I can always remember how proud I can be whenever I could make my own personalized cards and craft. Wow. I really miss those days.

Jill said...

I love the stamps you have pictured! I'm going to check out the Mayberry Sparrow - I've bought a few on Ebay.