I love vintage and I love books. Put the two together, perfection. Add two more of my favourite things to the mix, bicycles and Marilyn Monroe... consider my universe rocked!

That said, you'll understand why I'm seriously lusting over these vintage books that the folks over at Freshjive have offered up for sale in their LA store, Reserve.

It's moments like these that I detest the many months between my birthday and Christmas.


Carla said...

i think i remember lindsay lohan doing a shoot for vogue a couple years ago that was supposed to be reminiscent of these nude shots of marilyn - but my memory is foggy on that one. do you remember anything about that? it's the last pictures that made me think of it...

Erin said...

I do remember that and I remember being appalled by it. It's like a bad cover song... you're ruining it!


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