The Little Bookroom

"The Little Bookroom...wants travelers to slow down. They've carved themselves a niche in the over-crowded travel book industry by thinking small with titles that define the character of a city."
—The Pittsburgh Tribune

My big European vacation is only one month away and despite overwhelming excitement, believe it or not I’ve done hardly any of the planning, thanks to my very organized and dedicated travelling companion who has taken on reading all the guidebooks and composing very comprehensive spreadsheets so that I could focus on the small business I decided to launch at the very same time that we decided to take this trip! His bedside has piles of travel guides; mine has business books.

However, we may have found a way to bring the two together, with the discovery of The Little Bookroom. An adorable name, yes, but also publishers of travel books that “take readers off the beaten path and provide an imaginative entrĂ©e into the world’s best loved cities.” These are no ordinary guide books, but art- and culture-related series’ on everything from literary tours, hidden vintage and handmade shops, restaurants off the beaten path and quiet tourist-free corners you would be hard pressed to find in a Lonely Planet.

These books may be my ticket to blending my vacation and my business and waving goodbye to any guilt over taking a month away from it. The ultimate supplies and research excursion, if you will.

At the top of my list are the two Made by Hand books for Paris and Amsterdam. The author, Pia Jane Bijkerk, an Australian stylist and photographer, takes you through these two beautiful cities to the places where she sources the props, accessories, and objects that she uses in the sets and photographs she creates. You’ll find jewelry, clothing, home furnishings, antiques, collectibles, and more, all made by hand. Fantastic!

I picture myself strolling through these beautiful shops, overflowing with inspiration for new products for Dear Edna. I better carry a notebook with me at all times!

If I was excited before… what do you call what I’m feeling now?!

I urge you to go to The Little Bookroom website and explore the many beautiful books they offer. you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the look and design of these books, which is something I really value and appreciate. There are detailed descriptions and excerpts of all the books on the website as well, which I think is really necessary when shopping online for books.
Do you have any guidebooks you love? What is your go-to travel book?

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Carla said...

Who cares about anything else, guidebooks or not - I'm coming with you so I can go to these places, too! Haha!