Spring Cleaning

I have this weird neurosis where I have to tidy up my space before I can work. Shuffle papers around, stack books, put away laundry. At least one small thing needs to be done before I can get down to it. Mikey J can't seem to get his head around my need to do the dishes when I have ten totes to sew. But I think cleaning just helps me transition into a work headspace.

It's my thing. Let it go.

So, today's theme is unique desk organizers, inspired by this one I picked up recently.

I bought this adorable silver-etched glass ice bucket from one of my favourite shops, the lovely Maverick Antiques. The owner is always very friendly and tells us the stories behind the pieces we are drawn to. I totally recommend a visit there if you're ever in the Ottawa St. area. As you can see, it's currently sitting on my desk holding spools of thread, but I also think it would look equally as cute holding short-stemmed flowers, chunky jewelry, cotton balls... What would you put in it?

As a lover of tea and the cute tea cups it's served in, I can't get over this desk organizer from Black + Blum! At closer inspection, you'll notice those are contemporary office supplies decorating the cup. It even comes complete with pencils.

I’ve always wanted a rolodex, haven’t you? So sexy secretary. Faux bois vintage or real bois modern with vintage paper... take your pick. I want them both.

How cool is this? I love things that have secret compartments. It's described as a magazine and letter rack. Boring. It could be the secret hiding place for your scandalous love letters or those photos you don't want getting into the wrong hands. Ooh... intrigue!

Keep your books standing at attention with this adorable little piece. By the way, it's totally worth it to check out this shop for the photos alone, as every one has a different little owl pictured along with the item for sale. Too cute.

Or go vertical with a tiered serving tray to hold all your little bits and bobs? Love it.

Think outside the box, pick up some unique items, and you may find sitting down to your desk on Monday morning is new experience all together. Now I’m off to tidy up and get to work. See you next time with the new feature (Hint: TCOB. Think about it.).


Carla said...

I also have to have everything cleaned up before I start working. I hate thinking of the dishes in the sink, and the kitchen all messy, when I'm working. It actually stresses me out a little. The boyfriend's usual comment is that I don't have my priorities straight and that I have OCD. Sound familiar?

Melissa said...

I do the same thing! But I thinks it's a combo of a) clearing my mind completely so I can focus and b) procrastinating!!! I don't know how I made it through university exam time, because most time was spent organizing and sanitizing!!

krista said...

I live in the area and also LOVE Maverick antiques..... I have never met anybody with so much knowledge about every little item in the store.... I could spend hours in there. As for the cleaning before starting to sew.... I just colour organized my spools of thread and I have a dress that needs to be done by tomorrow. PROCRASTINATION ++

Terri said...

thanks so much for featuring journeyandlandscape -- your blog is a beauty! xoxoxo