Father's Day Gift Guide

Why is it that Dads are so hard to shop for? I think it's because they're so practical. They buy what they need, when they need it, and don't buy things they don't need! Ha!

Well, I'm here to help ease the burden, with a categorical approach to gift buying that would make Pops proud. Whether he's an indoor or outdoor kat, a traveller or a homebody, comfy in front of the computer or at the bbq, I've found some pretty cool and thoughtful gifts for your Daddy Dearest.

Not all my picks are from Etsy this time either, although handmade or vintage always make great gifts. I've found a few gems on Pinterest (one of my new favourite websites) and some personal recommendations too.

Happy shoppping!

You're Not Going Out Dressed Like That
If you want to get your dad something he wouldn't buy for himself, head for the fashion department. And this collection is the cream of the crop: that blue men's shirt is custom made to order for a guaranteed fit; those Outlier shorts are made of the newest, most technical fabric that repels water, dirt and odour and doubles as a bathing suit; that sweet messenger bag is made of recycled suits; those slippers are as comfy as they are stylish and are made of merino wool (google it); and those matching father/son ties are just too adorable for words.

A Little Dirt Never Hurt Anyone
If your dad is a great outdoorsman, these picks are perfect. After a long walk or some heavy duty yard work, help your father relax: flip over the colourful wheelbarrow, it doubles as a chair; lay back in that awesome hammock and watch the comings and goings of the insect hotel from a safe distance with vintage binoculars; and once the sun goes down, he can cook a marshmallow to a beautiful golden brown with his new rotisaprong (love it)!

I'm Not Lost
Here are some trusty tools for the world traveller, to help him never lose his passport, luggage, sleep, or himself again!

Because I Said So
Even if your dad shudders at the speed at which technology is changing and taking over all our lives whether we like it or not, these slick items will surely ease the transition.

Until Someone Loses an Eye
If your dad is into fun and games, these are some great ideas! Pool, croquet and corn hole are fun for the whole family, and if he's a golf lover, custom silver ball markers or handknit club covers make amazing gifts.

Nice To Meet You Hungry, I'm Dad
Your dad may not know how to turn on the stove, but it's safe to say that he knows his way around a grill. Style him up in a classic Dear Edna apron (available in three different patterns), a personalized beer mug, and a laser-cut #1 Dad spatula (how cool is that).

Don't Forget to Write
Not all dads have a way with words or sentiments, but I don't doubt for a second he wouldn't love a woodgrain, houndstooth, or mustachioed card arriving in the mail, not to mention being told how much you admire his taste in music or scratching a magic ticket to reveal a message just for him (genius).


mikey j said...

I want the "Stag" Sportula off that site so hard!

Maybe, if you leave it underneath a burger on high heat it would brand a deer into it.

Actually, definitely. That's Science.

Carla said...

Oh my God, Darcy needs that messenger bag! I love it!

Katie said...

Just ran across your blog....thanks for featuring my fathers day card (with the 'wooden' heart!