Fall Preview

I don't know if it's all those years spent heading back to school, the changing leaves or just that crisp, clean air, but Fall has always meant to me a fresh start; a time for deep thinking, planning, and organizing; a time to brew some ideas over steamy cups of tea; and a time to get my butt in gear and get productive. And that is exactly the headspace I'm in right now. I'll admit I have been a little lazy and down ever since I got back from vacation and business has been slow, but suddenly I find myself optimistic again, daydreaming about my plans and gearing up for some exciting changes. I'm so happy to finally share with you some of the things brewing for Dear Edna, on this very first day of Fall!


I reached a twitter milestone this week: 100 followers! And to thank all my loyal tweeps, I announced a big sale: 25% off anything and everything in the shop! Go to twitter and follow @DearEdnaShop for the secret code.

I admit the shop's inventory has been a little depleted all summer, but have no fear, in the last couple months I've been busy stocking up on materials and have begun sewing lots of new items for fall: some old favourites in new colours/patterns and some entirely new products as well. The photos above are a little sneak peak. You likey?

I've also been commissioned to do some custom work using vintage textiles for my favourite vintage store, Sweet Trash. Do you remember when I visited the heavenly store of frocks and pumps here? Dear Edna's first collaborative project -- so exciting!

I've realized that in order for my business to grow, I have to develop new processes and learn new skills to both increase efficiency and give my ideas space to develop. There's four things on my syllabus this term:
  1. Screen print. I'm taking a screen-printing class with the Print Studio in November. No more labourious hand-stencilling for Edna.
  2. Learn the serge. I was loaned a serger by a very generous family member and I intend to sit down and pore over the manual until I learn how to use it. There's also a course at Mohawk College that teaches you in an afternoon, which may be well worth the money to save the headache.
  3. Crochet and cross-stitch. They seem very Dear Edna, don't you think? I was admiring some pieces in a vintage shop over the weekend and it dawned on me, why don't I make these myself? Did you know you can crochet lace? A girl can dream.
  4. Books, books, books. As you all know, I love to read. I was quite heavily into the business books when I first opened shop, took a break for the summer, and now I have a stack at my desk once again. This time I hope to share some of the things I learn on the blog. Speaking of...
I couldn't leave the Dear Edna Blog out of all the fun, now could I? Besides keeping you up to date on all the new things I'll be creating and learning this fall, I also have a guest blogstress lined up for Fashion Finds and an interview with a incredibly talented and inspiring textile designer for my Meet the Maker series. That's all I can say at the moment -- you'll have to stay tuned to find out more.

This is more of an ongoing Fall/Winter project, but we've decided the next reno project in our house is my office and workspace. Yay! The bones are good, but I need all new stuff: desk, shelving, carpet, art and accessories. The search is on. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

That should keep me busy! I'm hoping now that these plans are in black and white, I will be more accountable to them. Perhaps we can help each other stay on track.
What are your plans for Fall?

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