Floor to Heaven

Remember the office redesign I mentioned here? A rug is a necessity to warm up the room and the chilly hardwood, so when I stumbled upon these carpets from Floor to Heaven, I was... well... in heaven. This is haute couture for home decor and I'm sure it comes with a fashionably high price, but they are fun to drool over!

This lacey rug screams Dear Edna and cable knit can't help but convey warmth and comfort.

I'm loving all the woodgrain patterns around these days. They bring a little bit of rustic masculinity to any space.

These funky, bright colours are so in fashion this year. I love the the crocheted look of the orange, the dutch inspiration behind the blue and black design and houndstooth is always a classic, even in neon pink.

 This one is my favourite. To me, it's a cross between an intricate piece of lace to admire and a plush quilt to keep your tootsies cozy. A perfect fit for the Dear Edna office, don't you think?

Which is your favourite?

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De Facto Redhead said...

I like the first one the most. Probably because it matches my living room the best, and I'm looking for a rug to go in there!