Wedding Season

Indulge me for a moment as I take a break between the vacation recaps to share a little something something. Wedding season. The days of dreaming of being a June bride are clearly gone, as I have three weddings to attend in the next two months and created I don't know how many Dear Doily totes for brides getting married this Fall. It's easy to get caught up in the flurry of planning and pre-wedding activities and lose sight of what all the preparations are for. I don't know how many times I've heard an exhausted bride-to-be admit "I just can't wait until it's over!" or a guest mutter under their breath "another stag and doe?" So, to help us us all get back in the nuptial mood, thinking about how beautiful weddings really can be and the love behind it all, here's a little inspiration via Coca Rocha's exquisite wedding... in a French castle, in a Zac Posen gown, with fireworks! Need I say more? Enjoy! xo


Tilly said...

Her dress was absolutely beautiful! It really looked like a perfect wedding!

I'm helping my friend plan her wedding at the moment and what was supposed to be a tiny affair is steadily turning grander and grander! We kept leaving people off the guest list he he ;) xxx

Erin said...

Don't you love that picture of her twirling in the staircase? So magical!

I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding and that's enough work in itself. I can't imagine the stress of being a bride! Good luck, Tilly!

Bess Callard said...

Awwww, blog twins indeed! I of course watched both, and cried at both, because I'm that kind of girl. (A little wedding day foreshadowing on my part!)
xo bess