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Hi, it’s me, Carla (a.k.a. De Facto Redhead), back for Week 2 of Dear Edna’s fall fashion review! Two weeks ago, I was in love with the lady-like silhouette, and now, two weeks later, my focus has shifted to the other end of the spectrum and into the tough look of military-inspired pieces. To me, it seems like this is a “trend” that has been around in its various incarnations since I was 14 years old and reading Seventeen magazine, but as I say that, it’s important to keep in mind that this style has evolved enough that buying a pair of camo pants and calling it a day is now considered a very bad idea. Honestly, is there anything worse in style terms than blue and white camo-print? *Shudder*

Backing slowly away from the camouflage, and walking out the door into 2010, it’s pretty easy to participate, head to toe, in this season’s military styles. And as the calendar turns to November, there’s no better time to purchase a high-collared coat, a double-breasted jacket, metallic-buttoned ANYTHING, knee-high leather boots, leather gloves, or a handbag and shoes/booties with a structured, tough look. Each of these options (and more) are great reflections of a turn in the season, as well as of a fashion sensibility that keeps the military look modern, but doesn’t create an unfortunate diversion that harkens back to the 1990s. I open my eyes wide and fill them with earnest to tell you, truly, there’s another way to work this style that doesn’t involve a stop at the army surplus store, and it starts with not taking the trend too literally.

Pearlescent Stud Earring Set Forever21 $3.80; Funsie Onesie ModCloth $47.99; Coolest Girl in School Jeans ModCloth $64.99; Long Oval Ring Forever21 $4.80; Hilovsky shoe bootie Aldo $110; Lady Obsidian Jacket ModCloth $84.99; Bowron tote Aldo $48

Voila! One of the easiest ways to try this trend out is to find a fabulous jacket or coat that says “soldier” in some way, and to me, the strongest military piece in the pictures above is the wonderful coat that comes with a double-breast, but that also gives off a distinct Victorian feel that plays well with the floral-patterned jeans. The coat has definite structure, both simple and complex, and there are other subtle style lines within the outfit that also read “military” to me (I picture a Victorian lady doctor wearing this coat while riding out into the field of war...). I, however, would also wear the ring above for its armoured look, and the booties come into the mix as simple and utilitarian, while the handbag’s buckles and shape remind me of a horse’s saddlebag. As far as the earrings go, I would choose to wear the largest studs to perk up the outfit from the front since that side of the onesie is just a scoop neck. You could also add a simple, skinny bangle or two. Now for another scenario: arriving at a party and shrugging off the coat to reveal the sequined back of this top – oh, yes, how I love this outfit (and big reveals)!

So, this is how I would wear “military” without going overboard in the literal details. How would you change it, or make it your own?

Runway Collage Image Credits: BecomeGorgeousTrend HunterElle

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Jo said...

So, blue and white camo is a no. But what about pink and white camo?? :)

I admit I have noticed a lot of military-inspired canvas-style leather bags that people are carrying around..... Who knew the armed forces could be so cool?