Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada! This has always been one of my most favourite holidays and I have so many great memories surrounding it: family hikes and building leaf houses in the yard, non-required reading and the smell of baking, wooly sweaters and slippers, full bellies and belly laughs. As per tradition, I plan on spending the day with my family, eating myself into a turkey coma. I also intend on taking advantage of the long weekend by accomplishing a lot of errands and Dear Edna-related tasks, but at least I know that one day will be happily stress-free. Here are a few of my Etsy favourites that express what this holiday means to me.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the Great North and happy weekend to everyone else!


lotta said...

Happy Thanksgiving Erin. Enjoy your family and the fabulous food. Thank you for including my towel in this inspirational collection.

RefunkedBoutique said...

Hi Erin. Thanks for including my pedestal plate in this lovely Autumn display. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving to you! thank you for incorporating the blanket into this cozy collection.