Montreal Clam Chowder

It's been tough to get out of bed this week. That lovely Fall weather has very suddenly turned on us, with bitter cold mornings, dark grey skies and constant damp drizzle. We've been forced to layer wooly hats, scarves and coats on top of the sweaters we just pulled out of storage. If I enter hibernation mode now, it will be a very long winter, so I'm trying my best to stay positive. The weather man promises that the sun will be back later this week, just in time for a Thanksgiving walk with your family. And in the meantime, I have a delicious clam chowder recipe to keep you warm and cozy, courtesy of my beautiful friend Sabrina, who made it for us at her home in Montreal a few years back (hence the name). Bon appetit!

                                                  Shopping list
☐ 2 tbsp. flour
☐ 1 tbsp. parsley
☐ 1 tbsp. basil
☐ 1/4 tsp. pepper
☐ 1 tsp. onion salt
☐ 1/2 tsp. celery salt
☐ 1 medium onion
☐ 1 celery stalk
☐ 3 medium potatoes
☐ 3 6.5 oz cans minced clams
☐ 1 cup light cream
☐ 2 cups milk
☐ baguette (optional)
☐ bacon (optional)

1. Dice and saute onion and celery in butter until tender.
2. Add diced potatoes and juice from the cans of clams.
3. Simmer for 15 minutes.
4. In a small bowl, mix flour and 1/4 cup of cold water.
5. Stir flour mixture into simmering vegetables until thickened.
6. Season with parsley, basil, pepper, onion salt, and celery salt.
7. Add milk, cream, and clams. Salt to taste.
8. Continue to simmer for 15 minutes.

*Tip: Serve with crusty bread for dipping.
         Add bacon for a smoky flavour.

Serves 6 to 8... or 2 with LOTS of leftovers!


CrystaL* said...

Wow this looks amazing!!!
I love clam chowder, I think I might just have to try this.

De Facto Redhead said...

just finished eating my bowl of clam chowder! i was worried because i put the water and flour in before i was supposed to, but everything ended up turning out great! it was a hit with the man of the house (although he did request bacon for next time), and - good news for him - there will be a next time because it was that good!