Fashion Finds: Playing Footsies

Hi there – De Facto Redhead here again for my last post of Dear Edna’s fall fashion preview. I suppose it’s not really a “preview” at the end of November, so let’s consider it a “refresher.” So far I’ve covered the lady-like silhouette, the military-inspired look, and the statement coat, but what of footwear? Personally, I have been coveting this fall’s/winter’s mega-sexy over-the-knee boots in all colours, styles, and heel heights, and I am just waiting to find a pair for the right price so I can pounce! Reow! Besides, the brown suede boots I have now are almost falling apart in the toes, and my mom has already warned me that if I dare wear them home at Christmastime, she will throw them in the garbage. She’s not joking—she did this to me last Christmas with a pair of ratty black boots that were in a similar decrepit condition. So, in the spirit of buying new footwear and appeasing moms everywhere, let’s take a look at this season’s most popular footwear styles.

I have kept my Fashion magazines these past couple months, so I could reference them when writing these posts for Dear Edna, and looking back, this fall’s hottest shoes run the gamut from oxfords, to wine-coloured shoes, to platform-based high heels, to wedges, to mukluk/shearling-adorned boots, to military-inspired boots, to utility boots, to pointy-toed low-heeled pumps, and I expect you to buy at least one pair in every style so you don’t end up looking like a hideous dowd. Yowza!

I’m joking, of course, and thankfully for your budget (and mine!), for the next few months, actual shoes often end up taking a backseat to the necessity of boots, boots, and more boots. Not that there’s anything wrong with a nicely discounted mid-winter shoe sale. Nope, nothing wrong with that at all.

Left to right: Aldo – lacy platform - $100; Spring – black with shearling tops - $99.99; Forever 21 – heeled utility booties – $35.80; Spring – Black flat studded ankle boot - $29.98; Aldo brown shearling - $180; Forever 21 – vintage brown oxfords – $24.80; Spring – grey over-the-knee with zippers - $59.98; Forever 21 – brown riding boots - $35.80; Aldo grey suede pump - $60.00; Spring – wine-coloured bootie - $54.98; Aldo – brown faux wedge – $85; Spring – Heeled grey studded bootie - $34.98

I’ll just say it plain – I want every pair of these shoes, and I am experiencing some major shoe envy right now. Santa? It’s me, Carla...

Stay tuned over here at Dear Edna for my December holiday-wear special. Sparkle, sparkle, Mr. Crow!

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Jo said...

Shoe #1, the lacy platform from Aldo, shows up all the time on Regis & Kelly, worn by both Kelly and the gamut of female celebs that visit the set..... therefore you know it's a keeper, lol.

And shoe #2, the black with shearling tops from Spring, must be a throwback to the late 70s/early 80s because all my hand-me-down Barbies wore this exact style, haha. The comeback is complete!