10 Things on MY Wish List

Edna has been very fortunate to be filling orders like mad the last couple weeks. I've been sewing in every spare minute, sometimes into the wee hours. The bad news: my poor little blog has suffered. The good news: my holiday delivery deadlines have now passed, so things should get back to normal soon (fingers crossed).

You may have a few more days to shop online in other shops, so I'll throw you a couple more gift guides this week. Here's my personal wish list, chosen from my Etsy favourites. There were many more that I wanted to include (especially these cashmere undies!) but alas, I could only pick ten. I may have sugarplums dancing in my head to ever think that I would be gifted some of these items, but a girl can dream. Plus, there are plenty of affordable choices in that there list, too, I might add, many of which may very well be coming home to live with me, gift or no gift!

1. Francesca brooch by MANOLOjewellry: Brooches are one of my favourite accessories. I'm majorly in love with this one!

2. Fenia necklace by treeandkimball: Nervous about shipping this close to Christmas, last-minute shoppers can pick up a gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery from treeandkimball at White Elephant in Hamilton.

3. Faux Bois Stoneware Vase by jadeflower: This is one of my most recent finds and I can already think of many uses for it. It's such a great mix of masculine and feminine. [update: this vase sold, but more will be available in the new year]

4. Felted Merino Wool Slippers by ing00te: I think I have a blood circulation problem, as my feet are frozen pretty much from October through May. Needless to say, my slippers are my best friend. But my pair are getting pretty ratty, so these would make a great gift for me! Merino is an amazing wool that breathes well, wicks sweat, and regulates body temperature. Perfectly suited to slippers, don't you think?

5. Porcelain and Platinum Fruit Bowl by isabellabramson: This is one of those luxury items I don't ever expect to own. I love everything Isabella makes. Maybe by the time I get married, Etsy will have a registry option and I can put her shop on it! In the meantime, I shall admire...

6. Vintage Bonechina Teacup Bracelets by StayGoldMaryRose: Aren't these cool? I think they're super unique and completely suited to me and my tea-loving ways.

7. Doily Coasters by uncommon: Duh.

8. Flower Garden Letterpress Calendar by 1canoe2: Everyone needs a calendar and I ain't got none. This would look pretty darn cute framed in my office.

9. Order Small Scrolls by rubyslounge: One day Mikey J mentioned how great a stag would look in this odd space going down our stairs, and I thought of these bucks by rubyslounge immediately. Now, of course, I can't get it out of my head and nothing else will do!

10. Margaret Stamp Set by PrettyTape: A girl can never have too many shoes... or stamps. Alas, my shoe collection is much larger than my stamps, and these would look just perfect on Dear Edna packaging!


tree and kimball said...

erin, thank you for including t & k on your wishlist (what a beautiful collage)! and thank you also for tempting me with that lovely calendar... ;)

De Facto Redhead said...

sorry, i won't be buying you the bowl, but thanks for the other ideas for your birthday that always seems to come up so fast after christmas! girl know what she up to.

Erin said...

Good call, Carla. I better wait until February to purchase any of these myself!

Funny story: Mike bought me one of these items at the exact same moment I posted this! He knows me so well!

De Facto Redhead said...

which one is coming your way?

Erin said...

I don't know! It's a Christmas gift, silly!