11 Things on His Wish List

You can tell a lot about a person by their Christmas wish list. The gift guide today was all chosen by my boyfriend, Mikey J. Do you think he's a lover of all things grey, wooden, bicycle related, or printed with a stag? I'm super impressed with all of his picks. They're trendy, but still simple and classic enough to never go out of style. I hope you can find a few gifts in here for the men on your list as well!

1. Thomas Paul Octopus Throw via Velocity is 100% baby alpaca. You know what that means... a lot of cold baby alpacas somewhere. Haha! It also means something soft and warm to curl up in on those cold winter nights. It's reversible too and we all know how Edna feels about that functionality!

2. Knot Now Houndstooth Bow Tie hardly needs a description. It's classically perfect in every way.

3. Cable Knit Scarf by crochetbutterfly is handmade in Istanbul and is also made of a alpaca wool.

4. Bent Wood Basket will apparently strap down almost anything you throw on it. It could be entertaining to test out that theory! Five layers of wood veneer make this sturdy but still light as a feather.

5. All things Outlier:  The Pea Coat featured here and the merino hoodie are Mikey J's favourites at the moment, but honestly he'd be happy with anything by Outlier under the tree. I've never seen a man so excited by clothing. It is made with the urban bicyclist in mind, combining technical materials, innovative construction and stylish design to produce garments that allow you to bike to work and not arrive looking like you just ran a marathon.

6. Cardiff Grips via Linus Bikes would look so slick on a vintage bike. MJ also found a comparable product on Etsy by CarterFabrications.

7. Soma Retro Bike Light via Linus Bikes. Never has safety looked so good.

8. Scrimshaw Ivory Tie Bar by lindalyaden is etched and inked by hand in ivory. Google scrimshaw - it's an interesting art form.

9. Necktie with Deer by mailordervintage. It's vintage and the deer is stitched, not screenprinted. How cool is that? And this seller is from Hamilton. Double cool. [correction: the deer may or may not be printed, but it was not done by the seller]

10. Buck Sportula. Barbecuing in the snow will be so much more bearable with a buck in hand.

11. Swiss Army Bike Paniers by shmattson. Mikey J's had his eye on these for ages. They're made of 40-year-old Swiss army ammunition bags! They're currently sold out, but our fingers are optimistically crossed that shmattson will relist soon.

My wish list is coming tomorrow!


mikey j said...

1. I hope it still has that new baby alpaca smell
9. more like Triple Cool!

You turned all those random links into a pretty classy list hun... I'd bang that collage

LindaLayden said...

Great gift ideas and an eye catching composition. Thanks for including my tie bar.

De Facto Redhead said...

I would definitely buy Darcy the tie! I can also see him shaking the barbeque spatula as I cower in the corner, wishing I had a baby alpaca to blame for making me walk into the door. Why does the Buck Sportula have to be so aggressive all the time?