2 Tasty Teas

Everyone that reads this blog should know by now that I love tea. Here are two of my favourites that are only available around the holidays: Gingerbread Spice and Candy Cane Lane, by Celestial Seasonings. Great last-minute stocking stuffers or extra little something to give along with your homebaking.

A tasty blend of ginger, cinammon and other roasted spices that will remind you of a cosy kitchen filled with the aromas of gingerbread baking.

Sooth your tummy after a big Christmas dinner with this special green tea mixed with cool peppermint, creamy vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. It honestly tastes like candy canes!

There's a bit of a back story behind these teas. I randomly discovered the Gingerbread Spice in a Walmart years ago and loved it instantly. I shared it with Carla and she loved it as well. We quickly drained my box and then, horror of horrors, we couldn't find it anywhere! Carla discovered it in a drug store in Edmonton and mailed me 3 boxes. That's how great this tea is! Now that Carla is living back in Ontario, we were worried our stash would never be restocked again and our holidays would forever be ruined. Lukily, we discovered the entire range of holiday teas at Bulk Barn and Denningers! Hallelujah! Christmas is saved!


De Facto Redhead said...

I ask inquisitively, "Celestial Seasonings?"

jen said...

it is the BEST holiday tea ever!
I'm also a fan of the nutcracker suite tea.
P.S. you can also buy them at celestial seasonings website! we stocked up this year

CrystaL* said...

I have both of these and they are oh so good. Along with Sugar Plum Spice... Mmmm.