3 Wise Wines

Say that three times fast! After 3 bottles of wine! Ha!

For some, alcohol is the only thing that will get them through certain holiday parties this year. Whether or not this is the case, you may as well bring along a bottle you will enjoy. Here are three of my favourites. They are all under $20, available at the LCBO and make excellent gifts. Cheers!

    Wayne Gretzky Riesling

      Rieslings are the go-to white wine in Ontario, they're
      always good, but the Gretzky is pretty exceptional.
      The sweet and fruity notes pair well with gingerbread
      men and sugar plums.

Ravenswood Zinfandel
$15.95 (on sale!)

The Santa Claus of the reds, this is the biggest
and boldest grape around. Leave out a glass of
this and you may get a little extra something in
your stocking.


A surprisingly full-bodied red from Ontario. Baco is pretty
much the only non-blend we'll buy from Niagara and this
one is top notch. Pairs well with my marbled candy-cane
bark and washes down Grandma's fruit cake.

Honourable Mentions

I should mention that two of my absolute favourites couldn't be included because they're currently unavailable (tear).

Ridge Road 2007 Baco Noir (2008 available early 2011): Mikey and I frequently premise our visits to Ontario wineries with the bold statement "We don't think Ontario makes good red wine". Often this is followed by equally as bold attempts to persuade us otherwise. The folks at Ridge Road succeeded with this one. I highly recommend stopping by next time you're in the Stoney Creek area; the tasting room is cosy, the staff are friendly and all of their wines are delicious. 

Stoney Ridge 2005 Chardonnay: We discovered this on one of our first wine tasting trips in Jordan and fell deeply in love, with both the wine and the area. This is a great white for winter, as it is aged in oak and therefore has a rich, buttery taste to it. I'm worried they are sold out completely now. There may be tears. I wonder if this one will compare. Only one way to find out.

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