5 Ways to Spice Up Your Holiday Look

Happy holidays! It’s De Facto Redhead, back for another Dear Edna guest spot, and this time, as part of her “12 Days of Christmas,” I am writing about what to do to spice up your look for the ubiquitous holiday party. I am Day 5 of 12, but instead of a plain gold ring, let’s instead consider a gold, silver, pewter, bronze, and bejewelled ring that will give everyone a splitting headache as soon as they look at it. Obviously, the idea behind this year’s party pizzazz is big, notice me, and big. Case in point: in the Winter 2011 Fashion, each woman on the contributors page was asked, “How do you accessorize for a holiday party?” Snippets from their answers: “Anything over the top, so what better time to break out a wild piece of costume jewellery or skyscraping heels?”; “ I am very faithful to my jewels.”; and “A pair of Bally python silver sandals…Sergio Rossi peep-toe Mary Janes with shiny gold heels, beige ankle straps and orange suede toes.”

In other words: “What up, party?! It’s me, your accessories, and I’m killing it!”

Taking a cue from accessories who talk and who try to upstage me, here are five items I would be naughty for this Christmas:

Christian Louboutin, Pigalili 120 mm shoes

These are a complete fantasy, and I’m fairly certain I will NEVER own them (um, they’re $3,545). I probably wouldn’t even pay for the knockoff version at Aldo, and would end up with a sorry reproduction from Spring, but when I saw these Louboutins, all my teeth fell out.

Black birdcage hat by PetalAndThorn, $123.25

I love this hat! Beware of its sexiness, and its penchant for dark places where people are smoking.

Titanium quartz cluster ring by wildspirit, $34.00

Black dress, black stilettos, smoky eyes, and this ring. OMG LOL OMG LOL.

Reclaimed necklace by ecoblingcouture, $128.00

OK, forget the ring, and just focus on this necklace instead. I would love to wear this backwards. Santa Baby!

Vintage kimono clutch by kaleidoscopebyerin, $60.00

Caw! Caw! The bird gives this clutch a special holiday feel, and paired with a festive green dress, I think you would have yourself a winning combo.

I solemnly wish you well in going for the glitz. Merry Christmas!!

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Jo said...

Wow, I can totally imagine you wearing each of these accessories (all at once?) and looking fabulous.

Funny, even if I could somehow afford the Louboutin shoes, I'd be too afraid to wear them for fear that I would ruin them. Knock-offs, here I come!