6 Christmas Crafts

I'm already drafting my list of new years resolutions in my head and preparing in advance for Christmas next year is definitely one of them. If I had more time, I would have loved to try out these DIY holiday projects that I've collected over the last month or so! If you're one of the lucky ones that has all their shopping, wrapping, baking and cleaning done, congratulations (she says with jealously). Perhaps you'd like to give these a try... then gift them to me! Ha!

How amazing is this? This balsa wood mini tree via Design Sponge looks like it would require some heavy duty tools, doesn't it? Apparently this magical material can be cut with scissors and manipulated like paper but is still strong enough to hold ornaments! A great alternative for people who live in small spaces or even just as another decoration around the house. Full instructions and templates can be found here.

Do you collect the Christmas cards you receive every year but have no idea why? Martha Stewart has your answer: to make gorgeous ornaments! I really want to try this one. Instructions here.

This is one of those simple ideas that makes you say "why didn't I think of that?" A simple sugar cookie recipe with melted sugar used to fasten the string and Santa images. A unique twist on giving cookies as gifts and a folksy look for your tree. Thank you Sweet Paul. I also love Sweet Paul's candle cosy.

Every year I promise to make a tree skirt and every year I get too busy with other things and settle for wrapping some fabric around the base of my Christmas tree, Charlie Brown style. Maybe I'll get around to it between Christmas and New Years. Having these simple instructions via Design Sponge will definitely help.


I am always drawn to vintage tins when I am in an antique shop, but I can never justify bringing them home, as I can never think of how I would use them and I simply don't have the cupboard space for piles of unused tins! Renee Elliot was much more inspired and turned a bunch of tins into adorable candles! She assures us it's very simple in her instructions here.

Oh, if only I learned to crochet this year like I said I was going to. I so badly want to be able to make things like this! They could be used in so many ways at Christmas time: ornaments, gift tags, handkerchiefs. Next year... next year... (I seem to be putting a lot of pressure on next year, aren't I?) In lieu of crochet skills, I've given you an extra craft, the traditional paper snowflake. You know you loved making them when you were a kid. Surely as adults we could make even more beautiful designs. And don't they look great hanging from the ceiling as they are styled here? Crochet instructions here. Snowflake instructions here.

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