Santa Knows

Before I get to looking forward to my goals and plans for the year, I want to take a quick moment to show you some of my Christmas loot. I know it's a little late, but better late than never, and I couldn't not share. I must have been a really good girl, because Santa really brought it this year. I was delighted on Christmas morning to discover not only that Santa still comes to 30-year-olds, but that he took the time to read my blog during a very busy time of year for him and filled my stocking with things directly from my wish list. Thanks buddy!

A necklace from tree & kimball -- finally! I've been wanting one of these for myself for over a year now. Now to find the perfect outfit to pair it with. And does my love for these doily coasters from uncommon need to be explained? I can't wait to see how they look on my new desk!

That's not all! Tucked into the bottom of my sock was this amazing gift...

A vintage beaded clutch from White Elephant! Isn't the beading gorgeous? I was looking for a small wallet or change purse to fit inside my smaller purses and this is perfect. It will add a little glamour to boring every-day activities, don't you think? Imagine pulling this out at the grocery store cash? Ooh la la!

I am a lucky girl, indeed!

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