Special Delivery



"Canada Post."

'What did I buy 3 weeks ago and forget about?'

Knock knock.

Mailman hands me an unusually flat 8 x 11 box. I read the label in confusion.

'Does it say what I think it says? It's from Sycamore Street Press!'

I couldn't have ripped that thing open any faster! And what came tumbling out was a stationary lover's dream: a heaping stack of the most beautiful letterpressed cards and prints I've ever seen, a gift for contributing to the Sycamore Street Press Blog a few months back.

Aren't they gorgeous? I was stunned and touched at such a thoughtful and generous gesture. I certainly won't have to buy a greeting card for the rest of the year and I'm already mentally framing and hanging that La Vie en Rose print. Thank you SO so much Eva! It made my day! xo


Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Oh, glad you liked it! Thanks again for your wonderful help!

De Facto Redhead said...

I always find it's hard to use things this pretty! Whoever is lucky enough to receive a card from you had better appreciate its worth!!