Susie Homemaker

I spent last week and the majority of my weekend buried under a pile of receipts doing my taxes. I never understood the horror of income taxes until this year, my first year as a business owner. Of course while one side of my brain is jumbled with numbers, the other side is going into creative withdrawal. So to keep myself sane, I gave myself mini breaks to play Susie Homemaker. 

Today I made the scrumptious morsel above. It's called a Magic Blondie (hard for me not to try based on the name alone), which is basically a really yummy muffin topped with chocolate chips, cranberries, coconut and walnuts. I had a little extra batter at the end and made a few cookies with it. Mike voted the cookies the best, but I think the muffins are more guilt-free. You can't go wrong with chocolate for breakfast!

And here are the beginnings of my very first crochet project. Learning to crochet was one of my new year's resolutions and I quite honestly thought it was one that would never get done. But thanks to a recent shopping trip with my mom, an experienced crocheter, who helped me pick out a pattern and wool, I couldn't wait to dive in. After a few false starts, like figuring out what the heck a ch-3 space is and why my yarn kept tangling, I'm well on my way. Although I'm sure my stitches could be more even and my pace could be quicker, these come with experience, and I'm just happy to see a real pattern taking shape. I'm proud of how it's turning out so far.

It's such a relief to start a new week with my taxes finally behind me, Monday's breakfast ready and a new craft underway. I also have over 20 yards of new fabric washed, dryed and ready to be cut into beautiful new Spring aprons! Yay Spring!

I'll be back on Tuesday to reveal the big winner of the $35 Dear Edna gift certificate. If you haven't entered yet, you only have until Tuesday at noon! Contest details here.

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