7 Minutes in Weird Heaven

About once a year, Mikey and I like to throw a big summer party. We also like to have fun with our invites. We had A LOT of fun with our shoot this year. Maybe we have a particular sense of humour (one friend sweetly called us a "match made in weird heaven"), but they make us laugh hysterically every time we look through the shots. Here's what we ended up with. I hope it gives you a giggle too.


Kate Hunter said...

super adorable and hilarious!

p.s. i think i may have seen you at fabricland yesterday...if it wasn't you, it sure looked like you, carrying a Jenna Rose downtown Hamilton bag.

i was walking around with a large handful of yellow rickrack.

Erin said...

Haha! Thanks!

Yes, that was me! I was probably in the zone eh? I can get that way, especially in a fabric store. Say hello next time!