Art Nouveau

Do you remember my interview with Melanie MacDonald in which I shamelessly gushed over her gorgeous paintings? If you scroll down to the bottom of that interview, you'll see the comment Mike left about not being able to get the "Deer Glass" painting out of his head and suffering deep "pangs of regret" over not purchasing it. We love Melanie's work so much that we recently planned a whole weekend around a trip to St. Catherine's to try and scoop up one of the three she was selling at the NAC Small Feats show, but naturally they were all sold as soon as the doors opened. Wah waah.

Since then, Melanie and I have been emailing back and forth a bit, as online acquaintances do, and she generously agreed to take pity on our regretful souls and repaint the famous Deer Glass just for us! It arrived a couple weeks ago and it's even more beautiful than we remembered. We hung it above our staircase, where I can pass it a million times a day and smile.

Our first art commission. I guess that's the sort of thing you do in your thirties.

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