Bow-tiful Brides

This past weekend I helped host two bridal showers, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, one for my oldest friend and one for my closest cousin. I wanted to do something extra for these special brides, so I got creative when it came to some of the craftier aspects of planning, and I really wanted to share with you what I came up with.

Name tags are something that is often overlooked at showers, but really practical when you think about how the majority of the people at these gatherings don't know each other. After a few frustrating attempts, I came up with this surprisingly easy design made out of ribbon and scrap fabric, paper price tags, rubber stamps and clear labels, and secured them with a simple straight pin. I made them while watching Stanley Cup hockey games, which was great multitasking on my part, but I'm not so sure Mikey appreciated my interruptions of "oooh they're so pretty" every time I lined one up with the others. Haha!

The cupcake favours were a last minute idea, as was the packaging, but they came together really well! I used my tried and true cupcake and buttercream icing recipes and topped them with clear sprinkles and handmade tags. I also found that telling the the guests "don't turn it over" when I handed them their boxes really sparked their curiosity.

Both showers went without a hitch and many guests told me they really enjoyed the "Dear Edna" touches! (My branding must be working!) I won't be signing up to be a party planner any time soon though. I was completely exhausted by the end of it all and I think I'm still recovering.


Melissa said...

The cupcakes look professional - then I realized...they ARE! Ha ha.

Erin said...

Thanks Melissa, but I'm not signing up to be a baker any time soon either!