Cue Soundtrack: Junior Boys + Miracle Fortress

Ever since my first concert (Bush X and Moist — oh yeah!), in the days leading up to a show, I line up the band's albums and listen to them repeatedly. Does anyone else do this? You would think this might make me sick of the songs and enjoy the live performance less. But it never does. If anything, it makes the experience better! I arrive like the optimal well-prepared fan, pumped up and with lyrics memorized. Haha!

I'm going to the Junior Boys and Miracle Fortress show at the Leander Boat Club in Hamilton tonight, so guess what I'm listening to today?

As far as I know, tickets are still available for purchase at Dr. DiscThe Brain and The Ship.
Hope to see you there with your dancing shoes on!

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mikey j said...

I just listened to both tracks and I'm getting jazzed to the max for tonight.

I'm always kinda nervous about seeing a new album live, by an artist I like, before I've heard the majority of it. And this show contains two such specimens.

So double those expectations, plus the thrill of going to a new venue. Add in the highly caffeinated warm beverage I just had, multiplied by the current heat and my bike ride home.

Equals one sweaty boyfriend come lunch time. See you soon.