Mr. & Mrs. Green Thumb

Mike and I (well, mostly Mike) have been working hard the last couple weeks on making our patio gardens as beautiful as they can be. This is our first year setting up a vegetable garden and we're pretty excited (and nervous) about it. It can get so hot up there on our roof that the only way to keep veggies alive is by building self-watering container beds.

Mike has been reading and researching these containers for months. Above is the process in a pictorial nutshell.

Our beautiful little seedlings, ready to plant: four different kinds of tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, zuchinni and squash. We hoped they would be bigger at this point, but our sunless Spring just didn't cooperate.

The finished product. Now we just have to cross our fingers and hope they grow so we can have a summer full of fresh veg at our fingertips.

The flowers are my job. They went in last weekend and I LOVE them.

Happy Spring everybody!

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FrozenGardener said...

I like your idea of self watering garden beds. Any more details on what you built? I am just starting my research.