Happy First Day of Fall

As much as I love summer and hate the dead of winter, I have to admit I really, really love Fall. I always have. Maybe it's because I've always been a bookworm and back-to-school seriously gets me jazzed; but, nerdiness aside, how can any season compare with the cozy comforts of soft wool, hot tea, baking, apples, and pumpkins, not to mention the gorgeous changing leaves and that familiar crisp air!

There's also no other time of year when I feel more motivated: from knitting a blanket to finishing a book, from building my business to building my wardrobe, I just seem to feel endlessly inspired to get stuff done. In fact, I'll be heading out tomorrow to satisfy one of those cravings in an all-day thrift shopping adventure with my good friend Carla. What do you think the chances are that I'll score something as beautiful as the items above? A girl can dream... and, if not, there's always Etsy.
Happy weekend and first day of Fall, everyone!


FourLetterFashion said...

This is gorgeous!

CozySeason said...

Fantastic collection! Thank you very much for featuring!

kathy said...


Thanks so much for featuring our pyrex bowls in your lovely blog.

Yours truly,
Flume Street