Shop Update: Trendspotting

I made this apron in the summer but only got around to listing it last week. At first I was worried that the colours were too bright for Fall. Then I came down off my haughty horse and told myself no one cares if their apron matches the season. Who is thinking about fashion when they're covered in cookie batter? But wait, I know for a fact that some people do put such thought into their kitchen accessories. Case in point: I met a lovely lady at the craft fair who proudly described to me her extensive apron collection and how much she enjoys pulling out specific styles depending on the season or holiday. So there, self. Yes, I realize I had a full-on argumentative discussion with myself. And yes, I realize now that I shared that with all of you. Moving on.

I was thrilled to receive a free issue of Chatelaine in my mailbox recently and even more thrilled to come across this little blurb on page 30 declaring orange as a key colour trend for Fall this year! You heard it here first, folks: Dear Edna is trendy. Excuse me while I climb back up on my haughty horse. :)

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Bess Callard said...

I've always thought that Dear Edna was very 'on trend' ;) Love the new apron!!