12 Things on My Wish List

Last Saturday marked the first day of Christmas, meaning there is one month until the big day! It's pretty hard to believe with the 13-degree weather we've been having here in southern Ontario, but it's coming whether we're ready or not, so I'm going to do my best to get us in the spirit. It only comes but once a year, after all, or so the carol goes. I had a lot of fun writing the 12 Days of Christmas series here last year, so I'm going to give it another whirl. Get ready for 4 weeks of gift guides, crafts, recipes and a few special guests. 

First up, MY wish list. I was pretty lucky to receive a few of the items on my list last year, so fingers crossed it works again. I hope you spot a few things here for the ladies on your list too!

1. Norwegian mittens by olga2201: I'm always attracted to mittens for some reason, and these would look super cute with my black puffy coat once the temps go unbearably sub-zero. I believe White Elephant carries similar styles (hint hint).

2. Vintage Step Ladder by Hindsvik: The only chair I have in my workspace is a rolly office chair, which means I threaten my life every time I use it to reach the top of my shelves. Unfortunately, this gorgeous vintage step ladder is sold out, but it's a beautiful illustration of my need for a step ladder in general, don't you agree?

3. Marlie leather wallet by leoniesaliba: It's tough to part with my current wallet, but I bought it in Korea about 6 years ago and it's splitting at the seams, so I think I shoud say my goodbyes. Plus, my purses seem to be shrinking, so I need a much more compact version. This will do quite nicely.

4. Ontario Brooch by ME2Designs: Yet another excuse to flaunt my love of my hometown.

5. "Design Sponge at Home" by Grace Bonney: I read the Design Sponge blog every single day. Therefore, not only do I want this book, I deserve this book.

6. Light Pink Infinity Scarf by SoliSellsScarves: Again, this chunky beauty is sold old, but perhaps Soli could be persuaded to knit another for a girl it would suit perfectly? Hmm?

7. Antique Edna Locket by thecuriousbead: I think this one goes without being said. (Thanks, Jane!)

8. Teapots Print by lauraamiss: I have been a fan of Laura Amiss for quite some time now, and still do not own one of her pieces. This one seems made for me and any tea lover on your list.

9. Personalized Recipe Box by exquisiteinks:  This recipe box is extra special with its personalized engraving and hooks on the inside of the lid to hold your recipe while you cook.

10. Deer Stamp by norajane: I need a stamp that says how much I love stamps! Haha! These deer are pretty darn cute, especially for the holidays, but I wouldn't be picky about receiving any of the tiny, detailed rubber stamps from this shop.

11. Wool socks by milleta: My feet seem to lose all blood flow in the winter, so I can always use another pair of thick woolly socks.

12. "Wounded Rhymes"  by Lykke Li. Get me some.


ME2Designs said...

This is such a great wish list, and may you receive all your hearts desires for Christmas this year! I'm so honored that you included my 1915 Ontario brooch in your wish list!
Meg from ME2Designs

Amanda Hickernell said...

What a cute wishlist! I love all the designs you chose. Thank you for including my personalized recipe box.