{Guest Post} 11 Things for Himself

Hey, I'm Mikey J... you may recognize me from being mentioned in such blogs as this one, and my part time stint as an Etsy apron model.

Below is my official list of must haves for himself - the modern gentleman - in this year of 2011. If this list, made for purely selfish reasons, helps any of you clueless shoppers out there, you're welcome. 

I apologize in advance for any lack of the exclaimation (!) you may be accustomed to in a Dear Enda blog post.

top to bottom, left to right

1. Paradise by Slow Club: I'm hooked on the song "Two Cousins" (a high pitched number I've been attempting to sing around the house, much to Erin's chagrin), among other tracks from this solid second album. Really, this could just be a list of albums (Wilco, Bon Iver, Cults, etc.), but that's probably not good blogging.

2. Windowfarms: The future is here and it's me growing greens and herbs indoors all winter, while remaining the worst at watering.

3. Leather Belt by robynchristopher: I need a belt - mine is an embarrassment. Also, this buffalo one is a good choice from Amy Kenny, whom Erin got my badass bike grips from for my bday.

4. Canadian Wool Blanket by Old Faithful Shop: Sold out but also available from the source, Macausland's Woollen Mills - I dream of a day when I can lie on the couch and have both my feet and my upper torso covered by woolen warmth at the same time. A thousand curses on you short throw makers. 

5. Felted Moose Slippers by FeltingbyEglut: Erin's been singing the praises of slippers for years and I think I'm ready to join the slippered masses with these moosed-up fellas.

6. Demetri Martin live: last minute entry: I've watched all of the episodes from his show, his special, his Daily Show correspondences and I own his book (albeit unread). My brother and I even did a homage to his sketch pad routine at my mom's wedding 4 years back.  I need this.

7. Soft Core Wool Vest by Outlier: I know, I'm hooked on their gear... it's crack for the bike commuter. It's too pretty to be technical.

8. Letters of Note by Shaun Usher: I've been a regular on this site the last year - perfect material for a book.

9. Merino Socks by pawfelts: Warm feet are always a theme this time of year and merino has to be near the top of my all time favourite wools list. 

10. Rushmore / Criterion Collection: Probably Wes Anderson's best just got the Criterion Blu-ray treatment. All that quirky better pop. Also accepting The Darjeeling Limited.

11. Desk Caddy by PegandAwl: I think this may be the difference between an organized painting nook and my painting nook. Next step: painting something again.

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