8 Ornate Ornaments

One of my favourite holiday traditions is the one I share with my "Toronto girls". For the seven years we've been friends, we've gathered together for a gift exchange. It started out as small gifts, and we tried a cookie swap once or twice, but for the most part we've given each other Christmas ornaments, and there couldn't be a better gift for this group of Christmas-loving girls. I love shopping for them each year even more than receiving them, and I have to say it feels pretty warm and fuzzy knowing I have a special place on all their Christmas trees!

I always seem to buy my ornament last-minute, but if I were on the ball (har har!), I would have ordered one of these unique beauties from Etsy. Perhaps I should pre-order for next year, ladies?

left to right, top to bottom
1. Reindeer by Raceytay
2. Origami Christmas Decoration by aboutCRAFTS
7. Miniature Bows by cornflowerbluestudio
8. Winter Wonderland by TwigsandBlossoms

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