{Guest Post} 4 Ways to Shine-up your Holiday Look

When I was drowning in a sea of fabric, bandaging sliced fingers, and running myself ragged to meet my holiday deadlines, a very kind and generous lady volunteered to be my sewing slave. As tempting as that offer was at the time, this woman also happens to be somewhat of a fashion and blogging superstar, so I traded it in for a blog post. And here we have it! Please give a warm welcome to Jentine of My Edit! Thanks, Jenine! xo

When you wear something shiny in December, people call you "festive"; when you wear something shiny the other 11 months, people call you "tacky". Mostly I'm tacky, I guess, but in December I just fit in. Here's a guide of how to add some shine to your holiday from a little touch of sparkle to over-the-top. I recommend over-the-top shine.

1. If you want to take it easy in the shine department, stick to a eye-catching necklace. This allows you to share the spotlight with the mini quiche that you handcrafted. Is handcrafted a word you use when describing mini quiche? I've never made them.

2. A vintage sequin clutch is a good way to convey some holiday shine. The key is to find one that is just big enough for a little flask. I love my family very much but for some reason they think that one bottle of wine is enough for a whole evening. Someone tell my mom... it's not enough.

3. A sequin top is an easy find at the thrift store. The person who owned the top before you probably wore it over the holiday season or they wore it in the 80s. From what I understand, it was a sequin party every day in the 80s and I want to be part of the social movement that brings that back. Please join me...

4. When you wear sequins from navel to toe, you've probably crossed past dressing "festively". I wore this to Matt's company party this year. It was a little crazy but a lot of fun to wear; though it hardly left room for any mini quiche... handcrafted or otherwise.




I am kind of concerned about leaving Jentine too many comments b/c I don't want her to think I'm a stalker or anything, but I just have to say I stalked her over to this interview and laughed out loud SO. MUCH. Which was both fun and gross b/c I'm eating right now, too...

Leah said...

I love every single thing about this post, but especially that sequin skirt! Oh my GOD! Now I have another new blog to follow.

kelsey said...

omg...she is so funny!


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