Baby Face

Remember how I said that all my friends are pregnant? For me that means a lot of baby talk, a secret onesie stash and a lot of baby showers. I helped host two showers already and I'll be a guest at another in a couple weeks. For this last one, the host asked me to send a baby picture of myself. Any excuse to go through old photos and gush over my own cuteness is fine by me! Here are some of my favourites that I was able to steal away from my parents over the years.


So this isn't a picture of me exactly, but I love it so much! That's my older brother, Andrew, sneaking a peak at his new baby sister. I'm glad he's smiling instead of devising a way to get rid of me.

Check out that stink eye! I wouldn't even think this was me, except for the tell-tale red nose. I fell down the stairs around this age, so most of my baby photos feature a rosey shnoz.

My love of Christmas was evident from a very young age. I'm looking pretty devious here. I wonder how many ornaments my mom had to replace that year.

My grandparents lived in Picton, Ontario, so many summer vacations were spent on the Sandbanks beach. By the looks of this picture, those summers were well spent.

This is my favourite picture of me and my brother. Pure happiness, with just a plastic pool and some old buckets. Gosh we were cute kids!

It was touching to see my grandmother's handwriting on the back of some of these. Cursive handwriting, printed photos... it kind of makes you wish everything wasn't so digital nowadays doesn't it? I'm also left with an irresistable urge to sit down and go through all my parent's photos. They have albums upon albums and boxes upon boxes, so it would be a nostalgia marathon. If I do, I'll be sure to share. Do you have any favourite photos you'd like to share? Please do!

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Jill said...

I think you and Carla had the same shape of head!! Hah!!!

We had the same pool, only blue - a plastic pool was all that was needed in the 80's!!!

I recognize the print on the couch - someone in our family had the very same one!!!

Love the pics!!