I Moved To Mexico

About five years ago a close friend of mine found this amazing evidence of our overly imaginative childhood and kept it, figuring it just might prove true and give everyone a laugh. What a sneaky devil. I'm so glad she did, as it absolutely had Mike and I in stitches. I distinctly remember giving all imaginary boyfriends and husbands the name Mike. Either that was a really popular name at the time or I had some creepy insight into my future... minus moving to Mexico, the December wedding, the singing career and whoever the heck Elizabeth is, of course. Hilarious! Thanks, Terry!

Back to School

A couple weeks ago I taught my first sewing class at Needlework and it went really well! I enjoyed the whole process, from making copies of my pattern to meeting the students and sharing some of my patented techniques and tricks. (Ok, so maybe they're not patented, but 20 years of trial and error should count for something.) The atmosphere was friendly and laid back, and there were lots of laughs, oops and ah-has from everyone in the group, including me. The best part is that by the end of the class everyone had a finished apron to bring home! Great job, ladies!

The class was so fun that I've agreed to teach another! On Saturday, June 10th, I'll be demonstrating how to sew a reversible apron, just like the his/hers versions in my shop. You can find out more info here. And while you're there, check out all the other classes scheduled. It's a super interesting lineup and I'd take them all if I had the time. Instead, I've settled on two, Amy Kenny's leather moccasins and Kate Jackson's machine embroidery. Learning is fun!

Oh, I almost forgot, the Needlework ladies also kindly posted an interview with me on their blog. If you care to hear more about my story, my 10-year plan, and a pink decoupage cat, read on.

Poppytalk Handmade: Paper Pops

4. one up designs 5. letter c design 6. heartfish press

I should've posted about this sooner, but May seems to have completely run away from me. The Poppytalk Handmade Market is a Paper Pops theme this month, featuring paper goods, affordable art and Father's Day gifts, and the work is pretty stunning. It makes my job easy, I'll tell you. Please take a moment to check out my posts and the market itself until June 1st.

Hello Summer

I know we're still a month away from official summer, but it was sure hard to deny it's arrival this past weekend. It was a long weekend here in Canada and we couldn't have asked for a better one in terms of weather. Sunny and hot hot hot all three days! We took complete advantage of both the weather and our blissfully free schedule at home in the garden. How times have changed.

Can you believe it? We certainly got a head start on all of our vegetables this Spring thanks to the early warm temps. I may turn into a rabbit. Let me know if you notice my nose start to twitch.

Mikey J has a green thumb when it comes to the veggies, but the flowers are my domain. I think I picked a little more wisely this year, choosing only sun-loving dahlias, petunias and zinnia. My pride and joy, though, is our new peony bush. You'll be sure to hear about it when that baby blooms.

Here's our first teeny tiny field strawberry of the year. They taste like Kool-aid. Serious.
 Aaand... our new LEMON TREE! We've been talking about getting a lemon tree ever since we saw one in our travels through France and now we finally have one to call our own. I'm already thinking ahead to fresh lemonade... in the winter! Yeah!

Contrary to how it may look, the whole weekend wasn't spent in the dirt. I got quite a bit of sewing done too -- that's 6 totes and 3 aprons you're looking at there. There was also a heavy dose of relaxation mixed in, book in one hand and cocktail in the other. It just doesn't get any better than that.

By Monday evening, we both agreed that it felt like we had gone away on vacation. And yet we got so much done! I imagine this is what that magical work/life balance feels like. If only we had three days off every week, huh?

What did you get up to this weekend?

Hamilton Happenings: May 2012

 Image via thetwosparrows 

I think the first two weeks of May are the busiest two weeks in Hamilton all year! There is an insane amount of things to do and each event sounds too good to miss. A difficult situation for someone like me, who both loves this city and is hopelessly indecisive. Help a girl out... what are you doing in Hamilton this month?

AGH Art Sale: May 3-6 / "After spending the winter months visiting artist studios and province-wide art fairs and exhibitions, AGH Art Consultants have selected a variety of works for the home, office, and finally... the garden! Enjoy a bright and dazzling selection of original art from emerging and established artists."

Sew Hungry: May 4 / 11-3 / Ottawa St. / Touted as Canada’s largest food truck and restaurant rally, this seems to be the event everyone is talking about. 15 of Ontario’s best food trucks and 6 of Ottawa Street’s top restaurants will be serving lunch curbside, including fan favourites Gorilla Cheese, El Gastronomo Vagabundo, Smokes Poutinerie, and more. My advice from attending last year? Take the afternoon off and be prepared to wait.

Art Grab: May 4 / 7-9 / 155 James St N / $71 / A fundraiser for Hamilton Artists Inc, this event presents a gallery full of 5 x 7 anonymous works by local artists, celebrities and community leaders, which you will get a chance to sntach right off the wall! There will also be door prizes, refreshments and entertainment.

Doors Open: May 5-6 / This is one of my favourite events of the year. Hamilton has so many beautiful heritage sites and this is your chance to peak inside them, completely free of charge! Being a tourist for a day in your own city may be just what the doctor ordered.

Spring Sprint: May 5 / 10am / Dofasco Park / My family fundraise and participate in this 5k walk/run for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada every year in honour of my father, a brave brain tumour survivor. If you can't make it out to the event to cheer us on, please consider sponsoring me here, or at least send us happy thoughts as we huff and puff around the track Saturday morning.

Simple Apron Sewing Class: May 10 / 6-9 / 174 James St N / As far as I know there are still spots available in the class I'm teaching at Needlework this month. Just in time for Mother's Day!

Vintage Dress Sale: May 11-12 / 133 James St N. / For the first time White Elephant is bringing Victoire's successful bi-annual vintage sale from Ottawa to Hamilton! Together with vintage enthusiasts Love In The Afternoon from Toronto and Hamilton's own Peacock Chic, they have sourced the most incredible dresses from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Tulle, silk, lace, taffeta, bows, crinoline, oh my! Who knows, maybe my wedding dress will be hiding in those racks?

Mother's Day: May 13 / all day / Don't forget!

West Hamilton Artists Tours: May 12-13 / 10-5 / A unique opportunity to peak inside the studios of your favourite local artists. This year's tour features 22 artists in 10 locations throughout the Locke Street and Kirkendall neighbourhoods.