Back to School

A couple weeks ago I taught my first sewing class at Needlework and it went really well! I enjoyed the whole process, from making copies of my pattern to meeting the students and sharing some of my patented techniques and tricks. (Ok, so maybe they're not patented, but 20 years of trial and error should count for something.) The atmosphere was friendly and laid back, and there were lots of laughs, oops and ah-has from everyone in the group, including me. The best part is that by the end of the class everyone had a finished apron to bring home! Great job, ladies!

The class was so fun that I've agreed to teach another! On Saturday, June 10th, I'll be demonstrating how to sew a reversible apron, just like the his/hers versions in my shop. You can find out more info here. And while you're there, check out all the other classes scheduled. It's a super interesting lineup and I'd take them all if I had the time. Instead, I've settled on two, Amy Kenny's leather moccasins and Kate Jackson's machine embroidery. Learning is fun!

Oh, I almost forgot, the Needlework ladies also kindly posted an interview with me on their blog. If you care to hear more about my story, my 10-year plan, and a pink decoupage cat, read on.


Kate Hunter said...

Yay Erin! Yay aprons! You were a super great instructor. We're really looking forward to the reversible apron class!

personalised aprons said...

hey girl! i love the aprons! they are both SOOOO DARLING!!!