Hamilton Happenings: June 2012

image via Russell Gibbs

In true Hamilton fashion, a month's worth of events are all happening in one weekend, this weekend. Naturally I began researching and bookmarking said events in order to list them all here, in true Dear Edna fashion. However, in the midst of all that, I came across a fantastic post that beat me to it, by none other than Tourism Hamilton! Part of the reason I started these monthly Hamilton Happenings posts was because I found myself having to search 5-6 websites to find out what was going on in this city and figured others would appreciate a concise list as well. It's refreshing to see Tourism Hamilton tends to agree and I hope they'll keep it up. So, rather than duplicate all of the same information, I'll simply redirect you HERE for all your event-going needs this month. I should also mention that Open Streets is June 24th, on James St. North. Have fun and don't forget your sunscreen!

E xo

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