Wedding Belles: Part 1

As you know, my monogrammed totes have become quite popular with brides. I have always really enjoyed the experience and find it incredibly touching to be a part of so many weddings! So lately I've been trying to think of other products that will appeal to brides. Luckily for me, I was recently approached by two very creative brides-to-be who had great ideas for special custom pieces of the non-tote variety. I accepted the challenge.

First up were eight dressing gowns for Kayla and her bridal party.

This bride took a huge leap of faith when she trusted me for this project. Not only was it for one of the biggest days of her life, but it was also a gift for some of the most important women in her life. Plus, I have never made dressing gowns before and I haven't used some of these skills (like setting sleeves) since I was a teenager! Bless you, Kayla. And thank god I work well under pressure.
The fabric is a cotton voile by Valori Wells, which is a beautiful, soft, lightweight cotton. It feels almost like a matte silk, and it is a dream to work with. Aren't the colours stunning too? I had never worked with voile before and now I can't wait to get my hands on more! The pattern was modified from BurdaStyle #7297.
I was on an extremely tight deadline for these (4 days!), so unfortunately I don't have any model shots. What you see here is all I managed to shoot in the hour I had before they were picked up. Talk about making it under the wire, eh? Phew. Fingers crossed that the bride caught some professional photos of the robes in action on the big day.
Now for the big question... will I offer these robes as a regular item in my shop? I still have to make a few tweaks to the pattern and make some adjustments to cut down on time, but I'm definitely considering it. What do you think? Is this something you would be interested in?

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Kayla Jonas said...

Thanks Erin for doing such an amazing job!!! They were exactly what I wanted for my big day, and I've been wearing mine ever since!

I think you should for sure sell them in your shop. They would make perfect christmas gifts and I'm sure other brides would like them too.