It's A Wrap

Now that Thanksgiving is over, do I have permission to use the "C" word? It's been on my mind since August, but I understand that most people get pretty touchy about anything Christmas-related this time of year — not before Halloween, not before the first snow fall, not until there are sugarplums dancing in my head, etc, etc. But some of us need to be prepared before all of that. So do whatever you have to do to get in the spirit for a moment, drop some cinnamon and cloves in your coffee if you have to, because I have a favour to ask. I like to change up my packaging for the holidays (last year was red gingham) and it's about time I placed my order again. Would you mind helping me choose this year's wrap? I've narrowed it down to four. All are made from recycled material and are roughly the same price (#3 is on sale). Merry Christmas! Haha!

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the corbett kid. said...

the red is very similar to last year's red gingham, but i do love it. so my vote is 1. or 3. :)