11 Things on My Wish List

Wow! I guess I'm into monochrome this year, huh? I found it pretty difficult to narrow my list down to eleven. You may call that greedy; I prefer to call it admiring beautiful things. You may find a few extras hiding in this list. Don't tell.

1. This beautiful hammered brass cuff by Leigh Luna is engraved with with Live, Love, Create in braille. How perfect is that? Now, while we're on the topic of brass, I also love this Laura Lombardi necklace, but it will put a slightly bigger dent in your wallet.

2. I'm a recent loose-leaf tea convert after finally tasting some decent, strong black-tea blends. From what I hear, Bellocq is like the Cristal of the tea world.

3. Jane Labatt, one-half of the duo that owns White Elephant, launched a stunning jewellery line this year called Rare Specimens. These shiny galena studs are one of my favourites. I like the herikimer diamonds too, if anyone is interested.

4. If you're going to drink loose leaf tea, you need an infuser, and I've had a hard time finding one that I like. This sleek gadget seems to solve all my issues. It's called the Blomus Utilo Tea Stick, and I want it!

5. It's going to be hard to replace the gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. calendar I've been admiring all year, but I think this beauty by Leah Duncan will do nicely. I also think this one by Cranny Found Favorites is sweet.

6. How cool is this handmade Celtic knot by Karen's Rope Work? Our kitchen renovation has us suddenly having to adjust to laminate countertops as opposed to tile. Trivets are in order STAT.

7. This lacey crochet hook case by Namolio has been bookmarked for a loooong time. I think it's because I keep telling myself that I can sew something similar myself. But, let's get serious here, is that ever going to happen? And will it look half as pretty as this?

8. Another thing I can't seem to buy for myself is a covered cake dish, also known as a cake dome set, apparently. This is most likely because it wouldn't fit in my old kitchen. But now I have a new kitchen. Mmhmm.

9. The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle Laporte. To be frank, this is a self help book with balls. All I needed to do was read the table of contents to know that I wanted to own this book. It will be an inspiring new year with this on my shelf, I'll say that much.

10. Although I like to think of myself as Carrie Bradshaw when I wrap my laptop in a pashmena, it's undoubtedly not ideal protection for bouncing along in the metal basket of a vintage bike. This Acme laptop case would work much better, except that it's an inch too small. Maybe Santa's elves can make me one just like it that is 14x10.5?

11. In our house, we opt for fabric napkins and tea towels over paper whenever we can and they're all starting to look a bit... um... used. I've had my eye on this ship print by Jenna Rose for awhile. Local artists Bookhou and Bespoke Uprising have some lovely screen-printed designs as well.

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