2 Christmas Crafts

The Christmas cards are in the mail, the baking is in the oven, the gifts are under the tree... sounds like you have some time to get crafty with me! How adorable is this embroidered ornament and those Christmas tree tea bags? They are both perfect either as small gift or party favour or as an extra special gift topper, but the best part is, they are super easy and quick to whip up. Gather your materials, pour a glass of wine, and let's do this!

After seeing this beautiful blog post, this tea lover couldn't resist giving these a try. And now that my sewing room is covered in tea leaves, I figured a few more detailed, and English, instructions were in order.

1. Supplies: looseleaf tea (I used Tealish's Christmas blend), tea filter bags, needle and thread, scissors, and old Christmas cards or wrapping paper for the tag.
2 & 3. Draw a Christmas tree shape on the bag. Sew around the tree, leaving the bottom open. If using a sewing machine, be gentle -- paper is lot more delicate than fabric. Cut as close as you can to the seam.
3. Fill with about a teaspoon of tea.
4. Gently shake the leaves through to the tip of the tree. Sew up the end.
6. Thread your needle and draw it through both the top of the tree and the paper tag. Tie in a knot. You're done!

My embroidery practice continues. This one turned out so cute that I had grand plans of making a bunch of them in time for the craft show. But, as usual, I overestimated my time and ended up completing just this one. Haha!  I'm now planning to put one of these on every gift. I never learn.

Supplies: 4" embroidery hoop, two 5x5 pieces of fabric for front and back, embroidery thread, needle, fabric glue, foam core board or thick cardboard.
1. Click here to download the Joy image. Trace it onto fabric. There are lots of ways to do this, but I like to use a combination of carbon paper and a vanishing fabric marker. Add the snowflake and border freehand with your fabric marker and embroider away using your preferred stitch! I used a split stitch here.
2. To finish off the back, sew around the edges in a circle and pull tight, like a drawstring.
3. On a piece of foam core or thick cardboard, trace around the inside of another 4" hoop and cut out. Place this onto the other piece of fabric and cut approximately 1" beyond the edge of the board.
4. Line the edge of the board with fabric glue and press the edges of the fabric into place.
5. Add more glue on the back of the disc and press into the back of the hoop. String some ribbon or string through the top and you're done!

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