{Guest Post} 10 Things for Himself

1. Rain Jacket: I've been on the hunt for a 3/4-bike-friendly-hooded-rain-jacket for a while, this mostly entails me miming bicycle-riding-like squatting movements to the salesperson's confusion. But I think I've narrowed it down...

My top pick so far is this Fjällräven, Greenland jacket with an attached tight fitting hood and two-way zipper (allows adjustment for better movement while biking), plus it’s available locally.

Runner up is this one. It has two-way zip, and the fabric weight is a bit lighter for spring. The downfalls are the hood is removable, which means a looser fit than I like for biking, and the logo is a little too prominent. Also, the name  K-Way reminds me of BiWay and how bad my peers would mock me if I wore it in grade 6.

2. Undies: I’ve read good things about this underwear brand and realized O’s Clothes carries them through the magic of twitter (guess I was in the rain-jacket zone).  

3. Pre-Order True Patriot (released in July): I’ve been reading a couple graphic novels a week from the library the past few years because I got too-cool-for-comics from 16 until about three years ago, when I started scrambling to catch up. Throw in some Canadiana and I'm sold.

4. Socks: New item from my go-to bikecommuterwear brand, Outlier. Looks to be a well thought out technical merino sock,without the giant brand name that tends to get plastered over most (why icebreaker? why smartwool? why wigwam? why???)

The time-honoured parental staples of socks & undies have now been covered. 

5. Hamilton Coffee Roasters:  I’m known to dole out Red Hill coffee samples in my Christmas gifts, usually grabbing their 8-Sample Box and forgetting to gift a couple. This year, the yet-to-find-a-home Cafe Oranje has put out a coffee offering that I want all to myself...

It includes three samples from a who’s who of Hamilton roasters (Detour, Hero, Red Hill, Speakeasy & Homegrown). Topped off with your choice of Cake & Loaf cookies.  Gotta order quick though, offer ends Dec 12th. *If anyone is wondering: 1,2,4 & Shortbread for me.

6. Late Bottled Port: A winter standby in our house, when we run out of this stuff it means we’re wineless and cranky. So bring one over just to be safe.

7. Red Tie: I bought a ratty old red plaid tie for like two bucks for a costume; it was full of holes in the lower half, but I liked it so much I started wearing it with sweaters to hide the holes. All that sweater friction has now caught up with it, but I've confirmed there's something behind this red tie thing.

8. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay:  Always in contention for the top spot of my favourite books list, I’ve been waiting for an edition with some added content to justify adding it to my packed shelves, and that edition is finally here

9. Mag-Blok magnetic knife rack: With our kitchen update this year we decided to ditch our crusty old knife block.  Instead of wasting space on the counter again, this sturdy 12” wood rack with a continuous magnetic field will keep our knives secured and out of the way.

10. It's been a bi-polar year musically for me — I feel like I'm suffering through all the conflicting emotions of puberty every time I turn on my 2012 playlist. Here's my top-rated albums:

Frank Ocean - Channel Orange, Grimes - Visions, Twin Shadow - Confess, Divine Fits - A Thing Called Divine Fits (already nabbed at their show), Islands - A Sleep & A Forgetting, Bat for Lashes - The Haunted Man, Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It

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