Hello December!

What a fantastically crafty weekend! The Maker's Market went really well. I was impressed with the overall setup and organization, the atmosphere was cozy, the customers were friendly, and business was good. All in all it was a very successful day. Thanks to everyone that came out!

With the craft show behind me, and some extra cash in my pocket, on Sunday I headed out to Toronto for the last day of the One of a Kind Show. I won the tickets from Katie Walker, a local silkscreen artist who was a first time vendor in the Rising Stars section. A big thank you to her for that. I had a great time and saw a lot that I liked this year. I even came away with a couple gifts for Mikey J. My Christmas shopping has begun. Yay!

My online shop has been bumping all weekend too! There must be something that clicks for people on December 1st telling them to get shopping. It's a good thing too, because those shipping deadlines are closing in. U.S. customers have only until December 5th for made-to-order items and until December 9th for ready-to-ship. Canadians have a bit longer, but not much. It's wise not to gamble with Canada Post, so please get those orders in this week! All the information you need is posted on the home page of my shop, but feel free to email me if you are at all concerned about your item making it under the tree.

December is off to a great start for me so far! What have you all been up to? Decking the halls and trimming the trees? I plan on getting to that sometime this week.

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