My Workroom

I recently applied for a craft show that required me to include photos of my workroom. No problem, surely I have some somewhere. Many hours of searching later, I realized I indeed had none! Shame on me, considering how much I enjoy photos of other artists' studios. So, please excuse me for not inviting you earlier... welcome to my workroom!

Basically, my workspace takes up the entire top floor of the two-story condo apartment I share with my boyfriend. When I moved in (almost four years ago, now), we fully intended to make the space an office/library. We installed a walk-in closet, hardwood flooring, and bookshelves and even purchased a custom-sized couch to fit! Less than a year later, Dear Edna was born, and as we watched it take over our entire apartment, it became clear that our library vision had to take a backseat to make room for cutting tables, sewing machines, and fabric storage. 

This is actually the top level of the building, so it opens out onto two beautiful rooftop patios, which spoils me with both natural light to work with and outdoor space in the warmer months. We spend as much time out there as we can, gardening, cooking, entertaining and relaxing. We love it so much and will miss it most of all if we ever move.

Sitting at this desk is actually where I spend most of my time, at least during the work week. I'm a full-time copy editor, remember? I like to surround myself here with things that make me happy, like this vintage poster we brought back from Paris.

Fabric storage and organization is a constant struggle, and what you see here is not even the half of it. There are at least ten bolts stored at my parents' house right now. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Creating this space was the best thing I could've done for my business. Words can’t describe how nice it is to have my fabric on display, all my tools within arm’s reach, natural sunlight and a dedicated space to just create. I still thank my lucky stars every day that I sit down to work here!


Tasleen said...

I love your workspace, Erin! So beautiful, light-filled. and inspiring.

Hollie said...

beautiful! your place looks so good.