Shop Update

Mikey J was very kindly designing some promotional materials for me this past weekend and discovered a bunch of photos we had taken last year that never made it into the shop. They are two of my favourite aprons too. They must have got lost in the holiday shuffle. Anyways, the good news is there are now two beautiful new reversible aprons available for purchase! Woo!

This will probably be it for new listings until after the One of a Kind Show. Also, a word of warning, I'll be closing my Etsy shop for the duration of the show, March 27th-31st, and there are no guarantees as to what will be available afterwards, so if you have your eye on something (ahem... Mother's Day... ahem), I'd advise you to snatch it up in the next three weeks.

On that note, I'm heading back to the sewing table for the remainder of the afternoon. Tea cosies are next on the agenda... the requisite tower of batting should find its way to Instagram shortly. Haha!

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