Today Dear Edna turns three! If I hadn't told Mike a couple weeks ago that she was turning four, I would be here saying it's completely unbelievable to me. Haha! I'm going to take that memory lapse to mean that I'm finally settling in to my role as legit business lady, that Dear Edna is here for the long haul, and that my dreams are coming true. For real! The One of a Kind Show is a prime example. Whenever friends and family mentioned it, I always laughed it off with a "yeah, maybe someday" comment and the occasional eye roll, honestly thinking that it could never happen. And here I am, five days away from the doors opening on that reality. I guess you all had faith in me whenever I didn't, and for that, a million times thank you! You're the definition of support and I am incredibly grateful for that today and every day that I get to live this crazy craft dream.

Ok, enough mushy stuff. Let's celebrate! Unfortunately, those lavender cupcakes are long gone, but I did promise a giveaway. So, with no further ado, the lucky winner is.....

Congratulations, Jenn! Please email me at dearednashop [at] gmail [dot] com to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone that entered. I hope to still see you all at the show. You can buy discounted tickets here.

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