Hamilton Happenings: Etsy Me

As is the annual tradition in Hamilton, there are a kajillion events happening this weekend: Spring Sprint, Sew HungryOpen Doors, and the AGH Art Sale, just to name a few. But I also want to get the word out about Etsy Me, because I think that it's an incredible opportunity for anyone that is thinking about starting an Etsy shop or is struggling to get a new shop off the ground. Etsy Canada and Cobalt Connects have teamed up to offer newbies all-day hands-on help, including professional photography, one-on-one marketing advice and various workshops with Etsy admin! Take it from someone that has been around the Etsy block, at $40 this is a steal. I only wish an event like this was around when I started. More information can be found here.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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