Meet Your Maker: Evajuliet

Click on the earliest page of my favourites in Etsy and you will find a print by Evajuliet. Third one in, to be exact. That's how long I have been admiring Eva's work. I've found myself drawn to her prints again recently, as I search for art to to cover the stark white walls of our newly renovated kitchen. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered an email from Eva in my inbox one day, saying how much she admired my aprons. Oh, how much do I love the Etsy community? While I ponder which print to choose from such an amazing collection, I'm so very pleased to welcome Eva here to share a little bit about her work, her process and a very special blue letterpress named Juliet.

WHO are you?
I am Eva. I live with my boyfriend in Qu├ębec, a french province in Canada. I come from a family where making a living from what you love to do is the key to life. When I was a child, my father was a carpenter; my mother, a dressmaker. They are both very creative. Creating is something that is just in my DNA. I truly love my work each and every day.

WHERE do you work?
We are located in a beautiful century home on the countryside. The air is good, the birds are singing, the flowers are beautiful, but above all, people here take the time to live. For me it's the perfect mood to create.

WHY did you decide to start a business?
I work as a freelance graphic designer/art director and I really enjoy what I do. But sometimes, I miss making my own projects without any restrictions. That's how Evajuliet was born.

Evajuliet is an amalgam between me and Juliet, my old tabletop letterpress. We started working together in 2009. Juliet helps me to embellish my packages and all other printing stuff a little shop needs.

Evajuliet is my little space which allows me to set my creativity free.

WHAT inspires you?
Inspiration comes from everywhere but nature is an endless source of inspiration for me. I am always amazed by all the species and treasures that nature creates. All these colours, textures and forms make me want to jump on my brushes and paint.

WHAT is your motto?
I have many different mottos to help me focus, but recently, I opted for "Keep it simple". Nowadays, everything goes so fast and we are constantly stimulated and overwhelmed by thousands of images and information. So I want to give my brain a break and try to keep everything simple. I tend to become more zen.

WHAT are your favourite materials?
I love to work with watercolor and gouache. Watercolor is more challenging; you have to find the perfect balance between control and letting go. The result is often unexpected surprises. I also love it because of the transparency and brightness of the colours. It's also easy to clean, which is not insignificant. Gouache is more versatile. It works so well on so many surfaces. And I love the matte finish and the beautiful pigment.

WHEN do you work best?
I am a morning person. I am most effective when my batteries are full after a good night. I love the energy in the morning. The light is bright, the air is fresh, the birds are up. I am ready to start the day.

Thanks so much for sharing, Eva! I definitely identify with your "Keep it Simple" motto and have found it has become a daily, calming reminder for me as well.

Eva creates many more beautiful products than I could include here, so please take a moment to peruse her website and Etsy shop, as well as her inspiring blog.

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De Facto Redhead said...

I can definitely see one (or more) of these prints in your kitchen!