One of a Kind Show Purchases

You didn't think I could spend five days surrounded by 450 one of a kind artists without purchasing a few gifts for myself did you? It was hard to tear myself away from my table long enough to browse, but thanks to my insistent helpers, I managed to see it all in a few stages. Here's my haul.

Edna's Pickles: I mean, how could I resist? Edna and her husband are incredibly sweet and have been doing the show for thirteen years, or something crazy like that. They were both cracking jokes the whole time I talked to them and just generally seemed to love what they do. So lovely. Her homemade chutneys also happen to be so delicious.

Maxwell Pottery: I grew up using a ceramic milk pitcher that used to belong to my Grandmother and have always wanted one for myself. My mom spotted Maxwell selling them in a variety of beautiful finishes at the show and I immediately snapped one up. How Canadian does this make me, to have such an extravagant vessel for my bag of milk? I'd say very.

Hug and Kiss Designs: It's no secret that I love stationary and greeting cards, but when I came back to my table with ten of these cards in hand, I think Mike was ready to organize an intervention. But these cards are special. No, really! Usually I hate the kind of people that chuckle out loud in card shops, but I literally could not keep my giggles in when I read through these cards. Go to their website and see for yourself!

Hen Jewelry: I challenge you to sit next to a tree full of beautiful jewelry for five days straight and not take one home. I admired this one in particular for the entire show and was delighted when Gen proposed a trade for it. A lovely side effect of craft shows that is a little easier on the profits of said shows. She calls this design "Warrior", which we both found to be a pretty fitting souvenir!

I could easily have spent a small fortune, there were so many beautiful artisans at this show. I have a few things to save for this year, so I was quite proud that I was able to restrain myself to four. But here is a sampling of some of the business cards that will surely tempt me with retail regret for years to come. Maybe next year...


Gaelan said...

That necklace is gorgeous! This makes me even sadder that I couldn't make it to The One of a Kind show this year.

De Facto Redhead said...

I love the necklace you chose!