Camo Ripple

Sounds like an ice cream flavour. Ha! It's actually a funky crochet blanket I've had completed since the winter but for the life of me couldn't remember to give to the baby it was made for. That baby is now a walking, talking toddler and his mommy is expected her second child! Gah! I've got to get better at this crafty gift-giving stuff.

This was my first time using variegated yarn. Now here's a lesson for you, just because you like all the colours separately, does not necessarily mean they will create a pretty blanket. I like taupe, I like green, I love cream, but I was only a few rows into this blanket when it dawned on me how these three colours are most often used together, and the nickname "camo blanket" was born. Haha! I did my best to break up all that crazy colour with a couple cream stripes, and in the end I liked the effect (perfect for a little boy, actually), but I don't think I'll be buying variegated yarn again any time soon. Kind of unpredictable.

I made a point to buy 100% wool this time, and ended up with Patons Classic Wool DK Superwash, and I was really happy with it. Not scratchy and really warm. The pattern is a simple ripple and was from a little leaflet I borrowed from my mom called Baby Afghans 2 by Leisure Arts. Like the cover advertises, it was really simple to follow and quick to work up -- one of those patterns you can memorize after awhile and even crochet in the dark if need be. My favourite kind of pattern!

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